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Courtsports offers a wide variety of both cardio and strength training equipment.  Our cardio machines include treadmills, elllipticals, stair climbers, step mills, recumbent & upright bikes, rowers, and AMTs.  Most machines are connected to our Cardio Theater system that allows you to listen to one of our HDTVs or a variety of radio stations. 

Whether you prefer circuit training or free weights, Courtsports has a wide variety of equipment.  The circuit areas consist of 12 weight training machines designed to maximize safety and train all muscle groups in a logical progression.  Our free weight area consists of dumbbells from 1 to 100 pounds, fixed barbells from 20 to 100 pounds, Olympic bench presses (incline, decline, and flat), squat racks, Smith Machines, a leg sled, cross over cable system, universal pulley system, seated calf, and back extension. 

Both Clubs also have fitness areas dedicated to functional fitness training.

Stop by today for a tour and check out our equipment!